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net and several people have done it and have very good insight. is there SW20 Engine 3SGTE Gen4. Gen 5 wiring conversion pricing includes removal of ECU immobilizer. I average about 18mpg on 93 octane pump gas going back and forth to work. I built this as an autocross car but have lost interest and want to get into drifting. . I'll have pictures up shortly, I am in the process of the swap right now, got the old 4A-FE engine/trans out. Paul Swap and Shop has 10,728 members. I'm not big on introductions, so let's get started: For Sale: 1993 Toyota MR2 w/ Prime Performance Gen 4 3SGTE Swap-Originally an N/A SW21 -135,000 miles on body / 2,000 miles on swap (40k-60k on imported engine) -Black Exterior -Black Interior w/ cloth seats. Is it possible ? If it is, what else do I need in order for the engine to be able to attach to the box ? Your help really appreciated. $64. Pre-Owned. You wouldn’t think that a lowly mid-90’s Toyota Rav4 could do much damage lining up 3sgte engine swap for a 2003 corolla S? Hey does anyone know if it is possible to swap a 3sgte engine (from 90's ish celica) into a Corolla S, and obiviously change the tranny from an auto to a man. Bought an MR2 Turbo w/ 4th gen 3sgte. The argument that the turbo and manifold are all one piece isn't really one at all. Good swap to replace earlier generation 3SGTE from Celica GT4 ST205 etc. (Scion tC 1G Drivetrain & Power). show more I have looked into it, but all these code names for the different celicas are giving me a headache. com if you The 1MZ is all-aluminum and saves me 30lbs+ over a 3SGTE swap. 5, and a T-VIS variable length intake manifold is used. TheFantasticG · Last Post: 08-13-2009 by rent-a-reaper  Full Gen4/5 Engine Swap $4495 / MK1. Im doing a Mk1 3rd gen 3sgte swap & Sent out the Turbo Axles that came with my engine out to Josh @ Chico Race Works so he can make Mk1. 5 $4995. I figure its a pretty direct bolt in swap since the USDM 3sgte came in the same car. as long as you run low boost youll be able to turbo it. The ED, since it shares major chassis design areas with the Celica, snugly accepted the 3SGTE, complete with WRC-spec anti-lag and a I have a 3SGTE engine stock and I want to swap it with 1JZGTE gearbox (R154). The resulting car has been called the "MK1. -Modified Water Neck. MK 1. Facebook; Generation 4/5 3SGTE Engine Swap Hey everyone,OK, so I currently own a 1999 Toyota Spacia (Im in Australia), and mostly love it to bits. If you're looking to swap a 2ZZ into your 2000-05 MR2 Spyder then this is the package for you. I've been dreaming of this swap for the last 4 years. However, a 3rd gen 3sgte is cheaper and easier swap than the V6 usually. In a car that has crank windows and manual steering, why NOT go for the  Jun 27, 2008 You can perform a NA to JDM Turbo swap for less than the cost of a rear clip. 6 Liter supercharged engine, and then is twin-charged with a custom turbo system. For a quote on a plug and play solution to your engine swap, send us an email or give us a call at 1-800-533-6775! March 2013: New Product From Tweak'd Performance: LS1 Wiring Conversions for Supra, SC300, etc! Having already researched this swap into 1st gen Celicas, I knew that by using an AE86 front cross member, which bolts up to the Celica’s frame rails by redrilling the bolt holes on the cross member, I could use Xcessive Manufacturing’s engine mount brackets designed specifically to mount the 3SGE into the AE chassis. 5 mr2. I am a DSMer and am not familiar with the lingo. … Gen3/4 3SGTE Timing Belt Tensioner; Gen4 3SGTE Hose from Hell/Hell on Earth Set; Gen 3/4 3SGTE Thermostat; CRW Swap CV Axles; Gen3/4 3SGTE Timing Belt; Gen4 3SGTE Oil Dipstick; Gen4 3SGTE Overhaul Gasket Kit; TCS Gen4 Downpipe; Gen3/4/5 3SGTE Exhaust Manifold Gasket; ACT Clutch Disc - S54 to 3SGTE the 2zz is the best engine you can get with the 7th gen. Its not the prettiest sight, and the engine has no guts at all, but it carries around my bike and has a heap of room. 99 for our standard gen4 3SGTE swap which includes the following: Gen4 engine/wiring/ECU Wiring harness conversion with functional  Prime Performance has created a series of swap packages that contain everything needed to get your GEN4 3SGTE project completed. 8L VVTLi 180/190hp MR2 Spyder ENGINE SWAP PACKAGE. This is an extremely popular swap and is pretty straightforward as engine swaps go. I second MWP with the gen4 swap, it is the best drop in and go swap. Your best be would be to look in to some of the ae86 guys that are running a 3sgte. Trans is taken care of. For example, it's possible to find a 3sgte bundled with a transmission and an ecu for a wholel ot less than all the parts individually. I have seen plenty of them swapped online, but no answers on what is needed. I'm not sure these instructions will work for your car. i have been searching all over the internet and all i have come up with is that toysport. The swap was more straightforward than expected, says Nafees. I have been wanting to swap in my built 3sgte into an IS300. 99 $ 64. Gen4 Swap - DIY Plug and Play. Prime Performance has created a series of swap packages that contain everything needed to get your GEN4 3SGTE project completed including the worlds first PRIME instructional guide! With 4 packages available, we have done the work for you, laying out all the parts you'll need to get your swap done right. Please pack your Gen5 ECU with shipment. Re: st205 vs st215 3sgte I've only had a couple of these to repair so far, but there are lots of small differences with pipework for heaters etc. A2. We have done the work  Celica Forums Videos, Pictures, and Audio Clips OMG Check this OUT! 3sgte SWAP! hi I have a 1994 Toyota celica gt I want to do a 3sgte swap but I don't have the knowledge on how to do it can someone who has done it tell me  May 6, 2018 Quoted: 41 Post(s). To clear the AE-86 steering rack & mounts, the rear of the 3SGE sump had to be modified a fair bit, by removing a lot of webbing. Includes loom, ECU, Turbo, Intercooler and some ancillaries etc as pictured. i know they were in MR2's and maybe celicas? maybe its just a common swap? specs say it puts out about 230hp @ 4000-5000rpm, should be a badass motor. Now ive done some research and have learnt that everything will bolt on without mods. I was thinking about replacing the 5sfe(stock) again but AJP Distributor Adjustable Cam Gears Timing Gear Pulley Kit Red For 3SGTE 3S-GTE MR2 Celica Caldina ST165 ST185 SW20 ST215 ST246. and the Beams engine from the Tezza is based upon it. if you want A/C and power do a 3rzfe swap and turbo that engine Though not a 3sgte (this is a much easier swap) I am looking into a couple options on how to install. it is reguarded as the holy grail in terms of sera swaps, but in reality, all is not well. 77 JDM SW20 MR2 3rd Gen 3S-GTE Swap Rear Cut Complete w/ Suspension See AWD Toyota Corolla with a 900 HP 3S-GTE September 10, 2015 by swaptastic 3 Comments Alan Vial used his vast talent and some of Toyota’s best performance parts to turn a Toyota Corolla into a monster. 0 L, with the 3SGTE being the performance factory turbo designation. I found someone who has put the Honda s2000 engine (F20 I think) into a couple of AE86s, Mazda F2T engine in an AE86, and a beams 3sgte into an AE86. Very fast and sticks to the roadHas a professionally swapped GEN4 3SGTE from the Caldina 4wd station wagon only sold in Japan. I was wondering how difficult it is to put a JDM 3sgte into an MR2 that originally came with a 2. 67. You can do the swap with the stock set up. Prime Performance GEN4 3SGTE $3,899 Swap Spectacular !!! www. The best of both worlds makes for some great  Sep 10, 2015 i want to know about the AWD gear for this 3sgte 900+ HP which gear you use and please send me all details about this project … specially . is everyone just a 7thgeneration buff in here or does anyone know where i can get a good 5sfe tranny or mr2 tranny from 90-93 i got ecu, wiring harnesses, a useless 4 wheel drive 3sgte tranny(for sale), and engine for 1k new Hi, guys am in need of help! I have a 94 celica st, with a 3sgte from a 92 celica(am not sure its of the year thats what the person who sold it told me, but can't find vin or anything on the clip to say other wise) Dr. 5", and is very popular. 5 Swap Kit: Replacing the 1. We charge $4399. Please see below for links to the parts list I used to perform the swap and for a list of known issues. 3sge to 3sgte engine swap Hey fellas So recently, 1990 mr2 turbo's are now eligble for "mildy turbocharged cars" exemption offered to p platers I currently have a 1990 G limited, and was wondering if a mod plate would be require for a swap to a gen 2 turbo? Minneapolis/St. Has a professionally swapped GEN4 3SGTE from the Caldina 4wd station wagon only sold in Japan. Now for the actual motor part, the MR2 3sgte sits on a 22 degree angle or so, and the BEAMS 3sge sits horizontal to the ground. with transfer box for celica AWD system) or a FWD-style box in the mid-mounted MR-2 Turbo. 1987 Toyota MR2 Due to changes in my life I am selling my 1987 Mk1. What do I do about axles? A1. 1991 Toyota MR2. **Wiring a swap using a core harness from the 2006-2008 Rav4 is $630. com Tired of waiting months for your MK2 swap to be done? How does 2 weeks sound? Scion FR-S with a Turbo 3S-GE June 22, 2015 by swaptastic 3 Comments This 2013 Scion FR-S is owned and built by an employee from Dynosty in Louisville, Kentucky. Chassis has 233k miles and 60k on engine, clean title. I'm posting them in the hope they help somebody in their project. FREE Shipping. I'm not going to cover after market intercoolers. tweak made the wiring harnness. The idiots guide to wiring a 3s-gte into an AW11 By reading this guide you are accepting you have also read the disclaimer at the end of the document. 99 for our standard gen4 3SGTE swap which includes the following: Gen4 engine/wiring/ECU Wiring harness conversion with functional OBDII port in trunk TCS 3" Downpipe TCS 3" Air intake kit TCS Gen4 fuel line kit TCS Gen4 water neck TCS Gen4 Intercooler Kit with one piece intercooler piping/t-bolt clamps The main difference between the 3SGTE and 3SGE types is in the application of the turbosupercharger. Re: engine swap to 3sgte or 1mzfe Post by CoreysMr2 » Fri Jul 23, 2010 7:55 am thanks for the replies guys, im leaning alot more into a 3s-gte swap now, started looking for an engine and e153 gearbox, though i wont be doing anything till ive finished off with the KE35 project ive got now. Recent footage emerged of this first gen Toyota Rav4 with a 3SGTE swap trolling the streets of Florida. Thanked 4 Times in 4 Posts. 9's. $1,377. 3SGTE CAMSHAFTS There are four generations of the Toyota 3SGTE/3SGE, which were used in the Toyota Celica, MR2, Caldina and Altezza. I have a 1997 toyota celica gt convertible , i like the car and i want to get more power , i thought about putting a turbo but it had more trouble to it than an engine swap , i know that the 3sgte fits relativly easly with regard to some wiring and tubes and stuff , i was wondering how much i should expect to spend show more I have a 1997 toyota celica gt convertible , i like the car and i The engine was swapped to 3SGTE mated to … This windy morning, i got a chance to drive my Manager son's car, was a normal car but with a beast roaring under the hood. Installing the 3SGTE Wiring the TEC³ and Sensors : WARNING: While I preface all of these guides with a disclaimer, I think it's important to bring it up again. 3SGTE Engine Swap Guide for 1998 - 2002 Toyota Corolla Swap Guide for 3SGTE ONLY, with prices in Chicagoland. 5. All 3SGTE engines had a displacement of 2. 3sgte swap in 184 - posted in 5th Generation Celica: Hi guys, Planning to perform a swap on my 184 with a st205 half cut jdm. I have done an engine swap using a generation 4 3sgte. 00 with a Prime membership. Some improvement can be made in places. 3S-GTE/3SGTE Engine Swap - Welcome to Toyota MR2 Turbo Performance Parts. Home › Engine Parts. I took on this project to learn and further enjoy the car I love. I only list Mechanicals:-GEN4 3SGTE engine swap with new timing belt, idler bearings, thermostat, new water pump, radiator and new seals-Professional WireGap Plug & Play Wiring Harness-ST215 E154F 5 speed transmission -Stage 2 Exedy Clutch Kit with Lightweight Fidanza flywheel (stock clutch pedal feel - but uprated for more power!) and ARP FW Bolts 7) The Gen4 is by far the easiest 3SGTE to work on in the engine bay once your swap is done – due to the lack of the spider web of hoses typically associated with Gen2 and Gen3 3SGTE motors. hi guys. It is silent, and still delivers the fuel the 3sgte needs. Lots of money, time, and fab work would be required. You can keep the 5sfe tranny or mate it with the MR2T tranny. The full kswap with Honda transmission will need to source axles from www. Overview: Upgrading the 3SGTE: After I'd purchased my red '93 Turbo, I decided to strip the wrecked white car, rebuild the engine, and put it in the new car. Save 3sgte swap to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. GSC Single Beehive Spring and Titanium Retainers Toyota 3SGTE. Cool 4th Gen Camry 3SGTE swap  Generation 5 3SGTE swap complete with gen5 electronics and running on gen5 ecu w immobilizer bypassed! Contact us at sales@tcsmotorsports. Very fast and sticks to the road. you could do a hybrid 7a-ge setup, to get more torque and it isnt expensive either. 8) Are there any clearance issues in and around the engine bay? Yes, the 3sgte turbocharger interferes with the stock Rav4 JDM Toyota Caldina Celica 4th Gen Engine 3SGTE turbo mr2 turbo engine . com . 7) Does the stock Rav4 have a returnless fuel system? Will the 3sgte required a fuel return line? Yes, the stock Rav4 has a returnless setup and yes, this swap will require adding a fuel return line to the gas tank. The Cannibal swap with theToyota e153 uses the stock turbo axles and nothing custom is needed. While the block is iron, the cylinder head is made of aluminium alloy. 1994 Corolla 4AGZE Swap and Twin-Charge This 1994 Corolla gets a 4AGZE 1. This is a touchy subject as everyone believes they know the right way. The rear heater hoses from the 5sfe will work with the 3sgte. well that’s the plan anyway but the usual disclaimer SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER TO RECEIVE FUTURE OFFERS AND DISCOUNTS FROM TCS MOTORSPORTS! Go. 95. My biggest concern is the wiring. 6 liter 4AGE engine in the 85'-89' Toyota MR2 with the turbocharged 2. 1989 toyota mr2 with 3rd gen 3sgte swap and e153 transmission. 0L JDM ST246 2004-2007 See more like this. e. Perfect for transplant or conversion. Q. The MR2OC also known as the MR2 Owners Club Message Board, we are the largest Toyota MR2 community on the internet, With over 50,000 registered members and over 4,000,000 posts, we can help you with any and all Toyota MR2 questions and problems. Makes 255hp at crank and has a quick spooling turbo. 0 Diesel. They sell the 5. Water Neck Adapter Gen3/4 Here is the 200hp Altezza 3SGE sitting it it's stand whilst being modified to go into the AE-86 engine bay. besides this, is there anybody who intends to sell 1JZGTEgearbox or W58 ? 3) Are you asking if you can swap out the S54 for the E153 on the 5S first, then do the V6 later? I would not advise that. com makes a bell housing that fits the 3sgte and either a T or W transmission. I had an NA-T hardtop that I miss every day . swapping 3sgte into na mr2 MR2/MR-S Car Forums . I am wondering if the motor mounts are a direct swap. Originally Posted by Conor It'll be just fine. Update video of Brandon's 3SGTE swapped AE86, showing engine start up. Package level ONE 'Basic Swap' 3SGTE bolt-in no-cut engine mounts (These are made to order - 2-3 week production time) 1994 Celica ST, 4th Gen 3SGTE (ST215) Swap, Auto/Manual Conversion, etc What a conversion! Take an automatic Celica ST, convert it to manual, and then swap in a 4th generation 3SGTE from the ST215 Caldina, the most powerful 3SGTE engine ever built and what do you get? Performance Toyota Celica Turbo Celicas , MR2 Turbo , Celica Tuning , Celica Forums , Celica Engine Swap , Celica Videos Toyota Celica 6th Generation , GT-4 , 5S-FTE / 5SFTE , 5S-FE / 5SFE , 3S-GTE / 3SGTE I've wondered about driveability on the stock trans too, 1st gear must be pointless with a turbo unless you utilized it for offroad? Slightly off topic but I wish there was a way to make the vacuum actuated center diff locker work on the 3sgte swap. The ride was EE90 2. 5 axles with new hardware. Engine Swap: Help Me Decide. Everyone has there own opinions and bad experience's. The stock Air to Air cooler is not recommened, most people prefer to get an aftermarket. $1,810. ? The biggest advantage of getting a beams engine from an SW20 to swap into an SW20, is that the wiring is all virtually plug and play, barring one or two small items which are easy to solve. If you're not confident in doing the Swap yourself, if you're on the East Coast, Prime Performance in Stanhope, NJ are the 3sgte is a great swap IF you know how to handle that much power in such a small/light car. I am getting a 1987 Celica GT convertible, with no motor. 0 liter 3SGTE engine is a great upgrade. I have a 1999 RAV4 4dr AWD manual with a gen4 3sgte swap from an st215 Caldina and an st205 transmission mated to it. The 3SGTE is normally used in transverse configuration (i. what i need to know is what trannies came behind this motor. I have done many swaps in the past year for poth h22a and 3sgte. this way i get new boots & turbo axles. Here is a break down of mandatory costs to get this swap going. The upper radiator hose will also work with some modification (will discuss further). (Well it may be more complicated, if your car started life with a 5SFE) Using a caldina loom, may take a significant amount of time tracing wiring etc. motor needs a HG, but its already dissassembled. I was going to do the SC axles but got tired of looking for them and if you find them they wont be cheap. I stored it in the garage for 5 years now lol. if its the version with crank angle sensor and no dissy, then the front plastic cases and oil pump are different (like late Recently I've had a few people ask about engine break in. Swap and Shop is a fun way to buy and sell used or new items through friends! The more the TOYOTA CALDINA GT-T ST215W 3S-GTE ENGINE Latest generation 3SGTE engine from JDM 4WD Caldina ST215W. The Toyota 3S-GE (originally titled 3S-GELU in transversely-mounted applications with Japanese emission controls), is an in-line 4 cylinder engine in the S engine family, manufactured by Toyota and designed in conjunction with Yamaha. i can post pics of them if you want. did all the wiring right than hooked every thing up n turned it on but 5 sec after it turns on it shuts of after a split sec laggy idling i tryed to rev it but as soon as i rev it . if you cant, then its just a complete waste. Later on we can edit everything and have a nice FAQ & how-to for the 3sgte swap. Im new around here, but i had a question. Typically  Apr 18, 2017 So he swapped a 256-horsepower Caldina GT-T 3S-GTE engine into his 1998 RAV4. it lags n turns off :mad: i even redid all the wiring just to be sure but same results can any 1 point me in the right direction ? i posted this in the sera/starlet/paseo forum already, but maybe i would get more responses off experienced toyota heads in here!!. Closed Caption. Prime Video $0. + Jdm 3sgte 5th gen Engine Toyota Caldina 2. Video also shows the current state of the car. So far what I have found out is that the BEAMS 3sge tranny will bolt to the 3sgte. All other 2GR core harnesses must be repinned/reconfigured for the 2006-2008 Rav4 ECU 3sgte swap in 94 GT I have a 94 celica GT with a blown motor. There will be small differences in things that you'll have to swap from the old engine to the "new to the 2" one, but for the most part, as long as you match the engine code, the engines should be interchangable. The 3SGTE rod length equals 138 mm. 1 3S-GTE Gen 1 (1986 – 1989) is the first type developed as a modification of the 3SGE Gen 1 engine, in which the compression ratio is decreased to 8. i also tried to figure out the So you’ve decided to replace your MR2 Spyder’s oil-thirsty underpowered stock 1ZZ-FE with toyota’s high revving 180hp 2ZZ-GE. -Plug and play re-wiring into your existing chassis. Yields for a cleaner and less cluttered engine bay. Makes 237hp and 250 torque at the wheels, does 0-60 In under 5 seconds. driveshaftshop. as some of yee may or may not know, the last year and a half has been spent be me trying to swap a gen 3 3sgte into my sera. 99. Clip: Toyota Corolla AE86 RWD 3SGTE Swap in Kingston Jamaica Part 2. Includes loom, ECU, Turbo, Intercooler, AT Transmission and some ancillaries etc as pictured. the steel and alloy sump pans are both different to what you need for a MR2. even getting your block fully built prolly wont cost as much as a 3sgte swap and will be stronger than a stock 3sgte. I figured I'd do a write up while I was doing my swap. Thanks: 6. The opportunity to rebuild the engine out of the car, with no deadline to finish it, enabled me to plan the changes I wanted to make over a period of time. Gen4 swap is definitely the way to go. You must use the lower radiator hose from the 3sgte, as it is longer at the top. Engine from Montreal Canada. that is what i have gathered anyways from what i have read. Nylon braided fuel line with AN fittings to connect your fuel filter to the fuel rail on a Gen4 3SGTE. 9's AND 2. -GEN4 3SGTE engine swap with new timing belt, idler bearings, thermostat, new water pump, radiator and new seals-Professional WireGap Plug & Play Wiring Harness-ST215 E154F 5 speed transmission -Stage 2 Exedy Clutch Kit with Lightweight Fidanza flywheel (stock clutch pedal feel - but uprated for more power!) and ARP FW Bolts Complete ultra low mile Toyota 2ZZ-GE 1. Well yah i know that the 3sgte is the turbo engine, i know that the t stands for turbo. The best way is to get an alltrac (GT4) front clip, not just an engine. The NA engine is a 5SFE, the '94 camry I had ran a 5SFE, so theoretically, yes, you could use a camry engine from the same timeframe. major pita since the 3sgte never came FR in the states, also the trannies are very rare. Ther are tons of 3sgte swap info on celica. is it possible to swap in a 3SGTE engine into a 2000 mr2 spyder? if it is how much would it cost and who could i get to do it? i live in the tampa area, anywhere close i can get this done?>? I am doing a swap on non-turbo engine MR2 and putting in a turbo engine 3sgte, I need to know if i can keep my stock wiring from the engine that goes underneath the carpet into the dash? Or do I have to swap all the wiring coming out from engine compartment fuse box? What else do you I need to know for this swap? *SW20 Gen 2 and 3 3SGTE wiring conversions must have the same Gen core harness. We are the World's Largest Directory For Any OEM or JDM MR2 Part! jdm 3sgte caldina engine we do not provide technical support for installations and do highly recommend if you are not familiar with the swap to please consult Thanks 7m85. The 3sgte give you more power at lower rpm so you feel that you have more exceleration and more joy (turbo nature). I must say that 3sgte engine was much easier to swap and it needed less maintenance and you could get more power by less work on it. -Low mileage JDM Gen4/5 3SGTE. i did the 5sfe to 3sgte swap . Fits 91-95 Toyota Turbo 2. The stock intercooler sits on top of the 3sgte, with leads to heat soak at an idle. 2 NA. iTrader Score: 0 reviews. 0 DOHC 16V Prime Performance has created a series of swap packages that contain everything needed to get your GEN4 3SGTE project completed including the worlds first  We charge $4399. Please Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe for more updates on this Watch the details of a 3SGTE swap getting finished up with some goodies like a custom exhaust and front-mount intercooler. I don’t suggest doing the turbo swap if you are not interested in it. I want to swap the 3SGTE (gen2 mr2 turbo) engine into the mk1, but if no motor mount kit is avaliable and has to be fabricated, I will go with the SC 4AGZE but need to know if the n/a tranny will fit the SC engine. $ 390. One day I will grace this subreddit with another MR2 project. I want to do the i have a chance to trade a small block core for a homogation JDM 3SGTE minus a harness, but complete with turbo and manifolds. The NA fuel pump works fine for the stock boost of a 3SGTE. Hi chaps! Right here goes, hopefully this write-up will make it almost impossible to get the wiring wrong…. I wanted to share some research I've done, and I cannot believe more people haven't done this swap. It has been found that the 3sgte heater lines sold by TCS work perfectly . TOYOTA CALDINA GT4 N-EDITION ST246W 3S-GTE ENGINE & TRANSMISSION Latest generation 3SGTE engine from JDM 4WD Caldina ST246W. ( SAMPLE PHOTOS ) This is for a used JDM 1990-1993 Toyota MR2 3SGTE 2nd generation engine & 5 speed manual transmission swap. One way, which was done successfully on a v6 aw11, apparently, is to create brackets between the stock mount and the new engine mount. This swap, with the manifolds and intake, make on average 260-280 wheel horsepower! Feel free to ask questions! Thats the engine out of the Celica GT4 I think. Weight distribution is highly overrated for most engine swaps, be it a 3SGTE or an LSx V8. Ok, I dont know everything about cars. Here is what we recommend: EAGER TO SELL I WANT TO BUILD A DRIFT CAR. Gen4 3SGTE Swap Fuel Feed Line. If your going to spend 2k or more on a turbo I want to do the 3SGTE swap. 00 ( SAMPLE PHOTOS ) This is for a used JDM 1990-1993 Toyota MR2 3SGTE 2nd generation engine & 5 sp. most people whack off furiously over the idea of the 3sgte in their mr2, but very few can control or use it effectively. so i have been playing with the idea of a 3sgte swap and am trying to figure out what rwd transmission will fit behind the 3sgte. primemr2. (Thread Starter). 50 Ex Tax: $1,700. The swap has been around since the engine first hit the scene back in the mid-2000s, but until now has been quite a pricey conversion for the DIYer and very few shops around have offered a package like this. We will happily guide you through your entire swap if needed to make sure you are happy with the parts you have purchased from us. com. To fast forward progress I may get someone local to complete the swap. 3sgte swap

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